New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills Level 1

What the course is about.

This programme is intended for young people to gain knowledge and skill to find employment and/or further their studies in the fitness industry or Beauty Industry. The programme covers learning about self-management strategies to organize and maintain wellbeing and personal life. (60 Credits)

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What you will be up to

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Foundations Skills

We teach you everything you need to make a great start in your new and exciting career pathway.
What is covered in this course?

Quick Facts:

  • Students will learn how to communicate, manage anger, and interact positively with people of their own and other cultures in variety of situations.
  • Students will learn ways to set and achieve goals to help with their future, including financial goal setting and personal finance; and how to access information and community services.
  • Students will develop key literacy and numeracy skills so they have more options and can make good choices.
  • There are two strands to choose from (Beauty or Sports).
A few things you need to know

You must meet the following conditions to apply for this course. Please feel free to contact us by clicking on this link if you have any more questions about your obligations and requirements.

  • 16-19 years old
  • School leavers date
  • Must provide birth certificate or current passport to validate age.
  • Must not have more than 240 credits prior to enrolment.
  • Only have low level 1 credits or no Level 1 qualification.​
Interested? Apply to Enrol

If you are interested in applying for this course, you can apply to enrol. We meet with every student before we can approve your application. By applying to enrol you are providing the necessary information we need to process your application to enrol. If would like to apply to enrol click the button below.

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The first thing you will be involved with are the introductions and overview of course content. This is where we ease you into your new work routine and study.


The next step is a deep dive into the course content where you learn everything that you need to know. We teach you understand not just remember facts.


The next step is application of what you have learned. There is no better way to solidify your knowledge in something than to apply it. We get our hands to work.


Once you have met the requirements of learning and application you will receive a relevant certification for all of your hard work.

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